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Utah Meteor - This is how the doomsday could look like

Last night several surveillance cameras recorded the meteor entering Earth's atmosphere over Utah. The meteor has been estimated to be the size of the ball for basketball, but the brightens it produced was astonishingly intensive and blinding. One more thing: the radiologist, who keeps close a radioactivity monitor for his job, found that it had a slight positive reading the morning after this event.

Witnesses in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho say the fireball "turned night into day" and issued shock waves that "shook the ground" when it exploded just after midnight Mountain Standard Time. The fireball was so bright it actually turned the sky noontime blue.
Although the fireball appeared during the Leonid meteor shower, it was not a Leonid. Infrasound recordings of the blast suggest a small asteroid hitting Earth's atmosphere and exploding with an energy of 0.5 to 1 kiloton of TNT. Experts liken the event to the Park Forest fireball of 2003, which …

Time traveler has nowhere to go

Time machine has never been invented. The proof for it is undeniable - we just don't receive visitors from future or past, do we? The myth about John Titor, possibly the most famous time traveler in the world, turned out to be hoax as his predictions couldn't stand the test of time. The Internet presence of the other time travelers is far less important and none of them offers clear proof of their future origin.
But if we go deeper into the subject, one can say that the time machine has not been invented YET in the future time line. But doesn't the future time line have it's own future as well? So again, time machine technology has never been and will never be invented. Why? Because it is not possible!

Let's say you take a couple of days off, pack your luggage and catch a cab to the airport only to find out that the Republic of Atlantis does not exist on the world map and the question is will it ever be there...
If you want to go on "time travel tour", t…

USA prophecy - American Theocracy

This almost biblical USA prophecy is only a part of the testimonies given by our guest from the future named Alcyone. She is time traveler coming from 109th century with the mission in our time-line. She agreed to share this information along with other prophecies of Alcyone. I fact, what she is telling us is a history of mankind from 21st, 22nd and 23rd century. This part addresses USA prophecy or to be more precise the USA Theocracy in period of the Third Civilization of the development of human kind. If you want to know about other USA prophecies by the same source but from nearer future starting from 2012 USA prophecy please read some of the earlier posts here.

Introduction to the Third Civilization

The Dark Age is generally regarded as ending in 2278 with the foundation of the American Theocracy. As the Dark Age had essentially reset the international power structure, many regions of the world that had been at a disadvantage in previous centuries now gained a decisive advanta…

Dark Age Prophecy - Another Dark Age on the Way

Aside from series of almost biblical prophecies about upcoming World Wars, our guest from the future named Alcyone also prophets another Dark Age that is on the way. Here is how she tells the story of our future which nothing but the ancient history of human civilization for her:

The Dark Age (not to be mistaken for Medieval Dark Age)

The beginning of the Dark Age is usually dated to the fall of Paris and Beijing on October 9, 2101.

Roughly the first half of the Dark Age was distinguished by a state of global anarchy. Government on any level was nonexistent; the resulting degree of personal freedom was tempered by a lack of even the most basic services. The wanton lawlessness of the large cities proved to be far too dangerous for most people, and many cities were almost completely abandoned as people began to roam the countryside in search of the fundamental necessities of living. In some places, warlords assembled armed militias and preyed on those who were weaker. Most of the infrastru…

World War Five Prophecy - The last World War ever

According to the source that comes from distant future, World War Five is the last world war mankind will ever face. Source's name is Alcyone Of Mars. She is time traveler and she comes from 109th century. Alcyone shares her knowledge with us at several conspiracy forums. You are free to check all of her testimonies and prophecies here.
After elaborating everything she knows about WW 3 and WW 4, here is what she has to add to our eagerness for prophecies on WW 5.
World War V Prophecy (by Alcyone Of Mars)

The final world war began in 2095 in the middle of a deep economic depression. It involved China, India, Russia, and the European Union, and Middle East oil was yet again the center of the conflict. Early in the war, China invaded India with nuclear support, overthrew the government, and occupied a large part of Indian territory; Russia soon suffered the same fate. This left China and the European Union to fight over the Middle East.

The final battle of this war took place in ear…

World War Four Prophecy

The most of you interested in time travel already know about John Titor, the visitor from the future. But this is not his prophecy about World War Four. John Titor is no longer the only visitor from the future or the time traveler who shares historic legacy of our doomsdays - another person appeared this year on May at several forums. Her pseudonym is Alcyone Of Mars. I have provided more details on her activity when writing about her World War III prophecy though on a second thought it is rather her knowledge of history than prophecy alone.

No matter what, here is what she says about World War IV Doomsday and try to grasp all the details inside:

In 2068, India, overcrowded and in need of land and resources, invaded Pakistan. A nuclear exchange ensued, in which India gained a decisive advantage. India’s goal, however, was not Pakistan itself but rather the oil fields further east in Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula. India rapidly advanced through Pakistan and into Iran.

China, wanti…

World War Three predicted by 109th century time traveler

Unlike World War Three prophecy given by Greek Orthodox Christian monk Joseph, the source of this prophecy is a person who claims to come from future or to be more precise - from 109th century. She appeared with her testimony on different conspiracy/prophecy forums under the name of "Alcyone Of Mars", sharing her knowledge of ancient history the mankind will learn at schools in 8000 years from now.
The main subject of doomsday prophecies this woman gave were World Wars that are about to happen from our perspective and to everyone's surprise she testified about the things she knows about World War 3 (this post), World War 4 and finally The World War 5.

Though the past looks a bit blurred from 10.000+ B.C, "Alcyone Of Mars" provided more than enough detailed information on what will happen to us in 21st century.
Here's sneak peek to what history books of 109th century teach:

The World War II ½ Theory

"Some historians speculate that a major war, lasting about …