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World War Three predicted by 109th century time traveler

Unlike World War Three prophecy given by Greek Orthodox Christian monk Joseph, the source of this prophecy is a person who claims to come from future or to be more precise - from 109th century. She appeared with her testimony on different conspiracy/prophecy forums under the name of "Alcyone Of Mars", sharing her knowledge of ancient history the mankind will learn at schools in 8000 years from now.
The main subject of doomsday prophecies this woman gave were World Wars that are about to happen from our perspective and to everyone's surprise she testified about the things she knows about World War 3 (this post), World War 4 and finally The World War 5.

Though the past looks a bit blurred from 10.000+ B.C, "Alcyone Of Mars" provided more than enough detailed information on what will happen to us in 21st century.
Here's sneak peek to what history books of 109th century teach:

The World War II ½ Theory

"Some historians speculate that a major war, lasting about six years, broke out around 2012. The location most often suggested for this war is the Middle East. Although the identities of the players in this conflict are a matter of contentious debate, China seems to have been the primary benefactor of this hypothetical war, as China is known to have become the most influential world power in the Middle East by 2030. In addition, the United States and, to a lesser degree, Russia, seem to have expended a great deal of resources for some reason during the 2010s, as the national debt of both countries increased dramatically."

In my opinion, some huge conflict is about to happen soon in Middle East, but it's proportions will not be sufficient to be named after World War or global conflict. However, if the time travel really exist and this testimony is authentic, this woman is talking about long expected and and globally predicted 2012 doomsday.

World War III

This lady proceeds with World War Three prediction that is nothing but history fact she learned in the future:

The next major war that we are aware of began in 2031, and primarily involved the United States and China. It may have started over a Chinese attempt to reclaim Taiwan. In any case, the conflict escalated, the United States and China exchanged nuclear salvos, and by 2039 Chinese ground troops had landed on the west coast of the United States. Chinese forces pushed all the way to the Rocky Mountains before the United States government capitulated. China retained the western United States from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, while a Chinese puppet was appointed as the new President, with control over the remaining territory from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. The war resulted in an estimated 130 million combat deaths, and China became the dominant world hyper-power from that point on.

This WWIII is only the overture for the next World Wars which will be subject of upcoming posts about Alcyone Of Mars.


  1. wow that is retarded. if anything she just changed her future and killed herself. so she is an idiot

  2. This better be bull shit.

  3. none of that makes since and where are the names of the responsable of this affairs? after all if you know the future by history books of that age she could have tell you the name chance the facts and stop the world for becoming massivly destructive and on top of that china overwelming the US??? that can´t happen since after all no contry can´t make a movement whithout the US knowing and the US counts whit the japanese tecnology that by that time should be decades mora ahead that any tecnology exist which by applied by the US automacticly destroys china by pressing a bottom

  4. The point is she's not here to save our butts--if you went back to 7000 B.C would you care about those people and their petty tribal wars? From her perspective we're all savages who've been long dead for millennia--and if she did try to 'save us' even if she could, that would not lead to her future--to lead to/in her future, she can't change that part of history, "because she didn't." Their mission here involves defeating the Greys (evil-ish evolved humans from an even further alternate future, aligned with evil 'dark entities' coming back here and interbreeding with people from our time) which her history records that they did defeat successfully by intervening in 2009-2012, and that leads to her future. Now, her predictions were in 2009, but look at the enigmatic shallow underground 'earthquakes' earlier this year that weren't earthquakes but explosions (destruction of underground bases); and Google 'Mars cloud mystery'--another base (the Grey's?) blowing up. Also, look at Obama's recent dismissal of 'cold war thinking' re: the US Navy--not acknowledging the new cold war is China in about 20 years. (Could you have predicted Pearl harbor in 1919?) Read 'Red Star Over the Pacific' re: China's aspirations for the Pacific region (including Japan, Hawaii and California) in the 2030s and beyond; as the US goes broke and its military crumbles from lack of funding and long term vision, (Alcyone mentions in 2009, when US deficit was $8 trillion, that spending explodes in the 2010s-2020; now it's 16 trillion in 2012, projected to be 20+ trillion by 2020.)China is even now escalating their military exponentially. (Google 'new Chinese aircraft carrier' or 'new Chinese fighter plane' or 'Chinese stealth.')Oh and in later Alcyone posts she does name names regarding WWIII--from Alcyone:
    "As for the names of leaders, I only know of a few. As World War III started, the President of the United States was named Gillibrand and the President of China was named Chunhua. Early in the war there were normal elections in both countries, and at that time a person named Schock was elected President of the United States and a person named Yaping was elected President of China. At the end of the war Yaping became the head of government of the western United States, but I don't know the name of the Chinese puppet who was appointed President of the eastern United States."
    Not bad info for a 'history' that to her is over 8800 years ago.
    Time will tell...

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  7. if anybody actually believes this crap they have more problems than my moms insane cat, world war 3 starts within the next 7 months and you wont belive with who and who fires the first shot please excuse the bad spelling only got 2 years school [the one from the dust]

  8. haha its 2013 !!!
    go n listen some led zeppelin and fire ur head with jimmy pages real solos ........... what a piece of shit this world was shit is :D


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