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World War Five Prophecy - The last World War ever

According to the source that comes from distant future, World War Five is the last world war mankind will ever face. Source's name is Alcyone Of Mars. She is time traveler and she comes from 109th century. Alcyone shares her knowledge with us at several conspiracy forums. You are free to check all of her testimonies and prophecies here.
After elaborating everything she knows about WW 3 and WW 4, here is what she has to add to our eagerness for prophecies on WW 5.

World War V Prophecy (by Alcyone Of Mars)

The final world war began in 2095 in the middle of a deep economic depression. It involved China, India, Russia, and the European Union, and Middle East oil was yet again the center of the conflict. Early in the war, China invaded India with nuclear support, overthrew the government, and occupied a large part of Indian territory; Russia soon suffered the same fate. This left China and the European Union to fight over the Middle East.

The final battle of this war took place in early October of 2101, and it had the distinguishing characteristic of being the only 21st century battle to utilize cavalry. “Terrorists,” assumed to have actually been European Union agents, used electromagnetic pulse weaponry to disable much of China’s military and civilian technology, including tanks, hovercraft, aircraft, missiles, and satellite uplinks. Though outgunned by European Union forces, the Chinese army—on horseback—responded by attacking European positions all across the Middle East. In spite of the electromagnetic pulse attack, the Chinese proved to hold the advantage due to their superior numbers.

The European Union managed to turn the tide of the battle in the Middle East through the use of direct nuclear strikes on the Chinese ground troops, igniting many oil fields in the process—only to find their territories in Europe overrun by the Chinese force that had been occupying Russia, which was unaffected by the electromagnetic pulse attack. In a desperate attempt to stop China’s rapid advance across Europe, the remaining organized European militaries launched nuclear strikes on Chinese-held targets within European territory, which resulted in the destruction of many European cities.

By October 9, 2101, these scorched earth tactics had culminated in the total collapse of the European Union power structure, the last of which was eliminated with the fall of Paris; on the same day civil unrest emerging in the aftermath of the electromagnetic pulse attack in China finally resulted in the fall of the Chinese government and its puppet regime in the United States. The war ended with no victor, and left practically a worldwide power vacuum in its wake, resulting in the Dark Age of the 22nd and 23rd centuries. The combat death toll of this last war is estimated to have been about 190 million.


  1. if this is all true why didn´t they simply deactivated the electromacnetic weapons and electromanectic attack using a pulse weapon that can overstond this? and where is USA and the rest of the world it dosen´t seam as a ww is simems more as a war between the asia and part of europe and horse back? really?? is the 2101 a century after this in which practicly they don´t use any more horses to go to battle because it will be futtaly and a war in the asiactic society they will practicly use cars well adapted to the territory if they can ave electromacnetic weapondry they will have electromanectic cars that can overflowne the territory whit out anyproblem

  2. According to Alcyone China invaded USA, and took the western half of the country, and installed a puppet government. China then pushed for the rest of the world and failed, as all kingdoms do. In the end Humanity seen the fallacy of war and abandoned it with the monetary system. Which I think we could do now, but it would take a lot of convincing and perhaps a world travesty.

  3. So India and Russia would not retaliate with their own Nuclear strikes?
    India I could understand being overwhelmed by China 10 years ago but they have modernised their DF to the point the Chinese would suffer severe losses, Russia would only have to hold out 6 months in Siberia before winter hits. Not many roads are available to traverse in Eastern or Southern entry points to Russia so its unforseable that Russia would capitulate that easy.
    Perhaps the Acylone got a D- in those history exams or perhaps someones worried about BRIC relations.

  4. hey that's so true. their should be world war 6and7 and 8 and9 and 10


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