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Time traveler has nowhere to go

Time machine has never been invented. The proof for it is undeniable - we just don't receive visitors from future or past, do we? The myth about John Titor, possibly the most famous time traveler in the world, turned out to be hoax as his predictions couldn't stand the test of time. The Internet presence of the other time travelers is far less important and none of them offers clear proof of their future origin.
But if we go deeper into the subject, one can say that the time machine has not been invented YET in the future time line. But doesn't the future time line have it's own future as well? So again, time machine technology has never been and will never be invented. Why? Because it is not possible!

Let's say you take a couple of days off, pack your luggage and catch a cab to the airport only to find out that the Republic of Atlantis does not exist on the world map and the question is will it ever be there...
If you want to go on "time travel tour", the logical thing is you need the destination to go to. To make it simple, you have two projected choices: future or past. But do such locations really exist?

Time travel to the past is impossible (proof)

Let's do a little experiment. I want you to take a look at your right shoulder.
Done already? OK.
Say, tomorrow you will have a memory of what you just did. If tomorrow you'd like to travel back trough the time to the very same moment you took a glance to you shoulder, think twice: isn't the past another name for a memory?
So the time travel to the past is nothing but the travel to yours or someone else's memories. And you can't time travel to memory because it is not a place, right?

Time travel to the future is impossible (proof)

Just like misinterpretation of the word "past", the same thing works for the term "future".

BTW, here is a joke for you.

A girl was asked: "What will you be when you grow up"
She said: "I'll be grown up..."

Every religion will teach you that you have God given freedom of choice. With the couple of directions what you should or shouldn't do, you are left alone to make choices to influence your own destiny. According to this, not even God interferes with what will you do. Now imagine the whole population on the Earth and all the choices we all have. We all dictate what will happen.
From the aspect of atheism, things are pretty much the same. Choice is a tool we all have to influence future events.

So, isn't the future nothing but the mixture of collective choices which are still to be made? So the future is undecided yet.

One could say that if meteor hits the Earth and kill us all - that is not our choice! Well, our choice is either to invent some way to move darn thing out of it's course. We also have a choice to sit, drink whiskey and wait for a doomsday...

So the future is commonly misinterpreted with the word "choice". You can't travel to your choice or other people's choice, well at least they told me so at "Swiss Air".

This is why John Titor was never right and never existed: we haven't made our choices to create the reality for him.


  1. you're right what about someone or something manipulating time that limit our choice that cause only our own but not the whole people's choice for short a destiny. what if goes like that? just a possible raise of question.


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