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World War Four Prophecy

The most of you interested in time travel already know about John Titor, the visitor from the future. But this is not his prophecy about World War Four. John Titor is no longer the only visitor from the future or the time traveler who shares historic legacy of our doomsdays - another person appeared this year on May at several forums. Her pseudonym is Alcyone Of Mars. I have provided more details on her activity when writing about her World War III prophecy though on a second thought it is rather her knowledge of history than prophecy alone.

No matter what, here is what she says about World War IV Doomsday and try to grasp all the details inside:

In 2068, India, overcrowded and in need of land and resources, invaded Pakistan. A nuclear exchange ensued, in which India gained a decisive advantage. India’s goal, however, was not Pakistan itself but rather the oil fields further east in Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula. India rapidly advanced through Pakistan and into Iran.

China, wanting to maintain its control over the Middle East and its resources, declared war against India. China also allied itself with the Arab nations in the region, and the Chinese and Arabs fought side by side to halt India’s advance at Baghdad.

However, there was a segment of Arab society that resented China’s presence in Arab lands, comparing it to America’s conspicuous involvement in the Middle East decades earlier. Some groups, most of them originating in the region’s Palestinian population, began to attack Chinese positions using the terrorist tactics they developed for use against American and Israeli interests during the early part of the 21st century.

China responded with extreme force; they planned to make an example of the Palestinians in the Middle East. The Chinese army invaded first the Gaza Strip, followed by the West Bank, and exterminated nearly the entire population with a combination of conventional air strikes, chemical weapons, and firing squads. Chinese forces also wiped out the Palestinian refugee camps and other Palestinian communities throughout the Middle East, often paying other Arabs to take part in the massacres and to hunt down the survivors. The Chinese government offered asylum and a bounty to any foreign citizen who murdered a Palestinian outside the Middle East.

The international community, including the Arab governments in the region, made no attempt to protect the Palestinian people, except for the famous Operation Berakah, which was initiated by Israel in cooperation with Italy. After the Israeli government realized what the Chinese military was doing in the Gaza Strip, a plan was formulated to rescue as many Palestinians as possible from the West Bank before the Chinese invaded it as well. Operation Berakah began on December 27, 2071, with the demolition of several sections of the wall that separated the West Bank from Israel. Israeli military transports, along with commercial buses and taxis, and even private civilian cars, then entered the West Bank and began evacuating Palestinians. Unfortunately, many Palestinians were skeptical about the Israelis’ intentions and reacted with disbelief to their claim that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had already been exterminated by the Chinese. Most of the Palestinians refused to leave the West Bank, but Israel was nevertheless able to effect the rescue of approximately 200,000 cooperative Palestinians. The rescued Palestinians were rapidly conducted to the Israeli coast, where they boarded ships destined for Italy, which had agreed to take in the Palestinian refugees. Operation Berakah continued until the moment the Chinese army reached the Israeli border.

Even after the arrival of the Chinese army and the conclusion of Operation Berakah, a few Israeli civilians managed to sneak behind Chinese lines and rescue a few more Palestinians. The most famous of these was an Israeli college student named Daniela David. She made an amazing five round trips to the West Bank and back in her car, rescuing twenty-three Palestinians, before Chinese forces recognized and opened fire on her car on her sixth entry into the West Bank. Daniela burned to death in her car.

Meanwhile, Chinese and Indian forces battled to a stalemate along the Tigris River. In 2072, another nuclear exchange was averted when an armistice was signed which allowed India to retain control of Pakistan, as well as the portions of Iran and Iraq lying south of a straight line from the point where the Afghanistan-Pakistan border intersected the Iranian border to a bend in the Tigris River just over halfway from the Persian Gulf to Baghdad. Under the armistice, Chinese hegemony over the rest of the Middle East was recognized, but its influence in the region after the war was diminished by India’s presence; India had gained control over the rich oil fields in southwestern Iran and southeastern Iraq. The war resulted in an estimated 125 million combat deaths.


  1. Hey good article! But as far as I know John Titor was a hoax thats based on research and recent conclusions of his false predictions. I don't know about this one but I learned not to believe whatever I read and just about China invading Palestine I can't really see it happenning since Israel has been in Palestiene for decades now I don't think they will walk out any time soon and just let China to take over after all their hard work. And that's just my opinion.

  2. china can invade the whole world jus by halting its MADE IN CHINA things :p

  3. neeeiggghhhh willlburrrrrr! I smelllll horse shit!!!!!!!


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