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Job Loss Leads to Death of 7 in Murder - Suicide

In a horrific murder-suicide, Ervin Anthony Lupoe shot and killed his wife and five young children, then took his own life Tuesday, in apparent despair after the couple lost their medical technician jobs at Kaiser Permanente in W. Los Angeles. Ervin Lupoe even faxed a suicide note to KABC-TV (redacted letter here), a Southern California TV station."So after a horrendous ordeal my wife felt it better to end our lives and why leave our children in someone's (sic) else's hand's, in addition it seems Kiaser (sic) Permanente want's (sic) us to kill ourselves and take our family with us," Ervin Lupoe wrote in the letter.That statement from Ervin Lupoe regarding Kaiser Permanente appears to stem from a different part of the letter, where he says his adminstrator said to him "you should not even had (sic) bothered to come to work today you should have blown your brains out."While the fax seemed to assert that the mother, Ana Lupoe had planned th…

Obama Sworn In Again, With Right Words, But No Bible

In golf, they call it a mulligan. A do-over.There's no formal name for what President Obama and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. did last night.After flubbing his one role on Inauguration Day -- administering the oath of office to Obama -- Roberts traveled to the White House to re-administer the oath.Just to make sure."We decided it was so much fun . . .," Obama joked while sitting on a couch in the Map Room. Obama stood and walked over to make small talk with pool reporters as Roberts donned his black robe."Are you ready to take the oath?" Roberts asked."I am, and we're going to do it very slowly," Obama replied.After a flawless recitation that included no Bible and took 25 seconds, Roberts smiled and said, "Congratulations, again."Obama said, "Thank you, sir," and then added: "All right. The bad news for the [reporters] is there's 12 more balls."A president is required by the Constitution to say,…

Barak Obama's Signature Analyzed!

Pennmanship analyst Caro Duncan reviewed the first official signature of our new president. After analyzing the signature, he sees a man who thinks fast, has high intelligence, and is able to adapt to varying situations.“It is a bit of a relief for the whole world,” Ms Duncan, from the Australian Institute of Graphology, said. “He’s very diplomatic and tactful, capable of seeing the big picture and is at his best when he’s handling complex matters.”The pronounced and embellished initials B and O reveal his pride and ambition, according to Ms Duncan. He is self confident and relishes the recognition of his own accomplishments.Their size and position shows a love of the limelight, a pattern usually seen among actors and performers.There is also a love of culture in there, an open mind to other people’s opinions and ideas.“His inauguration day signature is a little more stretched than usual, which is very literal, it means that he’s got a lot on his shoulders,” Ms Duncan said.“There’s a…

US consigns 3,000 tonnes of ammunition to Israel

Something's fishy about the latest developments in Israeli-Iranian (verbal) and Israeli-Palestinian (de facto) conflicts. While USA seems to be over-worried about the national security on inauguration day, it's Zionist wing seems to be doing a big time in Israel.

US consigns 3,000 tonnes of "ammunition" to Israel(source)

The US Navy's Military Sealift Command is hiring a merchant ship to carry the arms on two separate journeys from the Greek port of Astakos to Israel in mid-to-late January, according to Reuters. A 'hazardous material" designation on the manifest mentions explosive substances and detonators, but no other details. One broker said that the size of a shipment of this kind has not been seen for years.DEBKAfile's military sources note that the Israel's air, ground, tank and sea offensive against Hamas in Gaza entered its 15th day Saturday, Jan. 10.

Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel: Are the US and Israel Planning a Broader M…

Another False Flag Attack on the Way?

And so it begins...
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The outgoing White House administration will next week hold a joint "disaster scenario" exercise with top members of the incoming team of president-elect Barack Obama, US officials said Friday.Source: Yahoo News
After reading this, I left my thoughts wander for a bit... Hey, wasn't it the same scenario when NY 9/11 and London 7/7 happen?
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Paulo Coelho once wrote something like: "If something happened once, it might never happen again. But if it happened twice, it will happen for the third time for sure."
According to 9/11 whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists, some of 37% US citizens believe that 9/11 was "false flag staged by and used by US Government as worldwide accepted excuse for further military operations". If you are not in that group, ask yourself just who profited the most from 9/11 tragedy? Or even better, let's put all the arguments aside and let's discuss this: if you are ready t…

Web Bots Project Concept

Web Bot Project is run by two guys who also call themselves "Time Monks". 
If you've ever read the theory of K.G. Jung and his "collective subconsciousness", you'll find it easy to understand their theory of "collective awareness". But they have completely different method of reaching subconscious part of humankind: not by analytical psychology like Mr. Jung did, but simply using the greatest collection of human thoughts: The Internet.

Here is how: they let the web bots (web spiders) crawl the Net for fresh information (Like this forum and zillions of other websites) and let the crawler store harvested records to their computer. Now, the next step is analyzing records and searching data for fresh the trends in expression. 
Comparing the trends with the major events that happened during the development of the Web Bot Project, they found out that certain terminology is statistically correlated with adequate events - with high significance. This termino…

2012 Insiders?

I am great fan of what people do at Web Bots Project. Hard workers, great concept! Here is one of their latest doomsday leaking news from potential doomsday whistleblowers. It seems that some people actually know the exact details about upcoming apocalypse! The story goes like:

"Problematic" 2012?

Something caught my eye the other day in an email from the time monks up at They sent along this really interesting story out of Belgium that began...

"Some 20 Belgians plan their escape" BRUSSELS - January 8th, 2009 - A group of Belgian individuals plan to leave their social and material status behind (!!!), according to their ultimate escape plan they prepare on the internet. The group consists of man and women between 20 and 40 age old." Ah..bogslife (beyond organizational & governmental structures is going that my point, you're thinking? Or, that 'survivalism' is a contagious way of thinking?

Well, yes...and no.