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Another False Flag Attack on the Way?

And so it begins...

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The outgoing White House administration will next week hold a joint "disaster scenario" exercise with top members of the incoming team of president-elect Barack Obama, US officials said Friday.
Source: Yahoo News

After reading this, I left my thoughts wander for a bit... Hey, wasn't it the same scenario when NY 9/11 and London 7/7 happen?

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Paulo Coelho once wrote something like: "If something happened once, it might never happen again. But if it happened twice, it will happen for the third time for sure."
According to 9/11 whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists, some of 37% US citizens believe that 9/11 was "false flag staged by and used by US Government as worldwide accepted excuse for further military operations". If you are not in that group, ask yourself just who profited the most from 9/11 tragedy? Or even better, let's put all the arguments aside and let's discuss this: if you are ready to believe that some of 20 average individuals could overpass the security system of the most advanced civilization known to history, then you are even greater conspiracist than me!

I have no doubt another false flag is on the way. The only question is: when?
That is not hard to answer either... One could simply put the answer as "when US Government needs it", but that's not all to it. Government is not the boss here, not in this story...

Who's the Boss?

Have you noticed lately that every time US Government is short with the money they need to borrow? Precisely, they ask for the loan from Fed! So, Fed is the boss. It's their money.
It has been a long time since US Government lost the control over the state finance giving out the money printing right to the Bank of Federal Reserves. The best part is: Fed is "quasi-public (government entity with private components)". So, the real answer is: "Another false flag attack will happen when the people who print the dollar say so! And they are private bankers."

But what is the point of false flag attacks against US and how would private bankers profit from it?
Watch the video for the answer:

How do you sleep Mr. Rockefeller?


  1. Nice work, thanks!

  2. Mr. Rockefeller will sleep calmly. He is a puppet of Zionist Jews and Zionist actions are not like babe monarchy such as Rockefeller's monarchy reproduce other independent baby monarchy. The primary criminals your be looking for are criminals from several religions such as Larry Silverstein, landlord of the World Trade Center, who works for criminal Jews, but he is not a Jew.


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