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2012 Insiders?

I am great fan of what people do at Web Bots Project. Hard workers, great concept! Here is one of their latest doomsday leaking news from potential doomsday whistleblowers. It seems that some people actually know the exact details about upcoming apocalypse! The story goes like:

"Problematic" 2012?

Something caught my eye the other day in an email from the time monks up at They sent along this really interesting story out of Belgium that began...

"Some 20 Belgians plan their escape" 
BRUSSELS - January 8th, 2009 - A group of Belgian individuals plan to leave their social and material status behind (!!!), according to their ultimate escape plan they prepare on the internet. The group consists of man and women between 20 and 40 age old."
Ah..bogslife (beyond organizational & governmental structures is going that my point, you're thinking? Or, that 'survivalism' is a contagious way of thinking?

Well, yes...and no.

The 'no' part gets scary because the part that really dropped my jaw was this:
"Today NASA keeps precise track of the North pole traveling South, and they admit that the speed of the North Pole´s acceleration increased dramatically the last few years. Furthermore, NASA recently confirmed there will be a `problematic weakening´ of the Earth's protective magnetic field around 2012.."
Whoa, Cowboy! Say what? I started to scratch my head and wonder "What do they mean by a problematic weakening"? "...around 2012..."???

Go with me on this: This 'problematic 2012' weakening seems to be something the insiders know about and this could be just the leading edge of a disclosure of something much m uch bigger coming down the timeline towards us.

And then I about fell over today when I happened across the FoxNews story headlined "Powerful Solar Storm could shut down U.S. For Months".

I don't claim to be a 'dot connector' extraordinaire, but seems to me that this could be the tipping of the elite's hand a bit to the watchful observer. Play it through as many times as I have in my mind, I don't see a solar event shutting down the 'U.S. For Months" as any kind of a happy, peaceful, vacation kind of event.

I got to thinking about about the impacts on transportation, energy, and food production, possibly right down to the farm-level, and I thought "You know, this preparedness stuff makes sense at some level if you want to maintain personal independence doesn't it?"

For now this 2012 stuff is problematic (Which I'd take to mean debatable). But, as we've seen in many disclosures in the past, this is how a leading edge of a big change-state could be introduced into the thinking of society, so we'll have some degree of focus on the way this rolls out.

The story has been taken from here.


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