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The Hand of God Appears through Norway Spiral Light

Several people witnessed strange phenomenon that occurred at the morning of December 09. 2009. over Norwegian skies. This light phenomenon is unparalleled to any thing we have ever seen before. Please check it on this video:

Here are some photographs of this Norway Spiral Light phenomenon done by locals (zoomed & edited by Texas Uncensored)

Norway Spiral Light (Unbrightened)

Norway Spiral Light (Unbrightened x2,cropped)

Norway Spiral Light (Cropped, enlarged photo)

Norway Spiral Light (Enlarged, negative imaging, solarized)

What we clearly see at the last picture is humanoid left hand with thumb, index and middle finger. If Man is created by the image of God, this could be the picture of the Hand of God, right?


  1. i think this is the experiment of HAARP holographic session.they can make a holographic all over the skies in this world to make a new order world for the first step schedule.

  2. I think that is the most retarded assessment of that picture...a hand? where do you see that?

  3. i wonder if god's hand is giving us the finger there

  4. Yes it is confirmed that unknown light was under Russia's rocket testing. But the spiral sign was came form God and now is the time he will punish the human for their sin and crimes.

  5. HAARP, no doubt. Elitists playin' God.

  6. missile my ass...what kind of missile makes a perfect spiral like that? not to mention that black hole looking thing.

  7. sarcasm: I love how everybody fills in the gaps in trying to understand this phenomenon, with irrationality.

  8. bullshit i think it's a fucking missle because i know how a black looks like

  9. i dont know what it is, but i dont belive a thing everyone says

  10. I wouldnt believe what EVERYONE says either because someone has to be wrong lol. What are most people saying in your research?

  11. Yes it does look like a human hand, but to go from there to the "hand of God" is just credulous, biblical drivel.
    The cause of the spiral is the presence of Planet X. If you want details subscribe to my newsletter with subscribe in the body or title you can download my last month's Planet X newsletter here:

    "What we clearly see at the last picture is humanoid left hand with thumb, index and middle finger. If Man is created by the image of God, this could be the picture of the Hand of God, right?"

  12. Planet x? Rocket? Ufo? you are all retarded. Hand of God? Stop abusing God's name. It is a job of a Beast of the Apocalypse...or an Antichrist...and WE HUMANS ARE THE BEAST! How many of You lives like Jesus said and lived. Humble and good. WE ARE AN ANTICHRIST! WE ARE PRAYING TO OUR HUMAN SCIENCE, WE ARE FUC...G up ANY st.Jonh and st.Mark-13 and just put a HUMAN instead of a Beast and consider how it fits...if It doesn't then keep on searching for aliens and a single Antichrist but turned cross is a spiritual symbol not phisycal. Apocallypse is about to end soon and still U fools didn't realise. Wake Up!!!

  13. This is Nasa See look :)


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