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Will USA cease to exist soon?

Imagine it is 2028 AD now and help me reconstruct all of the reasons why once powerful United States of America had to fall apart...

Lately I have been doing a lot of research on the roots of the American economy crisis, 9/11 conspiracy and the possible intentions of the Federal Reserve Bank. It all started to drive in my attention as I've found out the declaration of Serbian Orthodox Church who is strict against the deployment of "New Age chipped documents" for Serbian or any other citizen in the world. Then, as a parallel to the contemporary American conspiracy theories, Serbian minister of police announced the possibility that Serbian ID cards (with chips, of course) will be used as replacement for the credit cards! Can you imagine the better terrain for the establishment of the police country?
The same thing that happens in USA now happens in the third world countries and the New World Order now knocks on the door of each and every country. I hate to say it, but it all started with the States. So where the Americans go wrong?

While trying to find the answer to this question, I've came across this video that tells it all. The American silent majority is not silent. It is mute, in fact.

Dear Americans here is what you can do for USA and the rest of the world - listen to your founding fathers and take some action:

Did my best to make a transcript to the video above:

"When a silent majority allows their nation to lose its common sense, that nation is lost. And you are allowing them to take your country away from you. Is it common sense to adore the altar of multiculturalism? Read your world history! Not one nation has survived as a multi-culture. It is the uni-culture that is your strength. One country, one culture, one language. Is it common since that 84% of the people want to make English the official language of America but your majority political party espouses insanity? Ignores the people and says: “No!” Is it common sense that 53 countries, mostly in Africa, have declared English to be their national language and the party who declares “We will unite you” says “Press 2 for Spanish”! Is it common since to adopt your national religion of diversity when the very word means “disunity”? We founded the country on similarities, not diversities; one country, one culture, one language. You cry out for unity, but it’s a common sense to continue to identify yourselves by your ethnicities and not your nationalism? White (hyphen) American, Black (hyphen) American, Chinese (hyphen) American, Hispanic (hyphen) American, Gay & Lesbian hyphen American, Black caucus, The Hispanic caucus, The Woman’s caucus … You want unity? Change your language! Isn’t it time once again we all became just plain Americans? Or is that too much common sense? Is it you new common sense now to stand up and cheer when presidential candidate wants to hand over the health care system to that same Government who has run social security, Medicare, Medicaid and twelve other entitlement programs into bankruptcy? A Government bureaucracy who can’t run a railroad, your airports, secure your borders, or find 15 to 20 million illegal aliens? That same Government who allow Islamic women to take their driver’s license picture wearing a neck scarf covering their face because it offense their belief? What’s next? Allowing the Ku Klux Klan wearing their hoods? Is it common sense to bankrupt the American treasury fighting wars for the countries whose silent majority won’t fight themselves? Your debt is now 9.4 trillion dollars! Is it common sense to continue to give away 9 billion dollars of tax payer money to unfriendly countries in foreign aid including 2 billion dollars a year to Egypt who votes against United Stated 80% of the time at The United Nations? All this while your inner cities crumble 40% of your high school graduates can only read and write on a 4th grade level. You have to import people from China and India for your high-tech industry because you don’t have enough smart people in America. And New Orleans and the flood victims of Iowa continue to be forgotten. This is madness. Lay down your misplaced global burden and rebuild America first! You can’t support the world while neglecting your own country. Are you unifying the country with common sense when both of your presidential candidates cry out: “We must show compassion for 15 to 20 million invaders from south of your border”, but not one word of compassion for the over-burden American tax payer who was forced to subsidize the invaders by paying over 250 billion dollars of their hard earned money to establish America as the welfare department of their failed corrupt foreign country? Are you unifying the country with common sense by sending out your utility bills and your social security checks in Spanish? Legal and illegal immigrants have no incentive to learn your unifying language because you make it easy for them not to assimilate. How many of you write in big letters across that bill? English only please, and send it back! Stop bending over backwards to accommodate every other culture but your own!

Is it Common Sense to allow your activist judges to ignore your history, your culture, your Declaration of Independence, and every other Founding Document to remove God from public life? “And endowed by their Creator, with certain inalienable rights”, their Creator. Not the ALCU, not the will of the atheist, or the anti-Americans that sit on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. “Separation of Church and State”? Yes. Separation of God from public life? Never intended by your Founding Fathers! Is it Common Sense that the very political party who claims to be the “Party of the People” and shouts “we will bring change”, consistently stops all common sense legislation to secure your borders, establish workplace verification, and stop taxpayer money for illegals? They call themselves progressive, global thinkers. We had another word for them in 1776; we called them “traitors”.

This happened all once before. 232 years ago it led to revolution and thousands of dead in the streets. It will happen again unless you take back America now!

Join the grassroots movement of the Second American Revolution. Not of guns and violence, but pressure, pressure, pressure, on your non-representing representatives, who created these problems in the first place.
This is the most important number in your democracy – The Congressional Switchboard. Pick up your phone every day, every hour if need to be and call your representatives and tell them in no uncertain language to listen to the silent majority or else be thrown out…
It’s toll free and your taxes pay for it. Would you stand by and watch your family perish, when you have the power to save them? Of course not. Then why are you doing that to your own country? 1-866-340-9281.
Perhaps you allow all this destructive uncommon sense out of a distorted notion of tolerance. Remember what Aristotle said, “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society”. You are tolerating the behavior that is destroying you.

No presidential candidate, no political party can save you now. Only an aroused citizenry will turn this uncommon sense around. And he or she who does nothing now is helping them to destroy America.

My name is Thomas Payne, and I approve this message. I only hope to God - you will too! "

At the end of this post I would add my five cents to the common sense: the American economy crisis became the World economy crisis. The American 9/11 became the problem of the World.
Why would the rest of the world want to suffer your problems? Clean up your home first, dear Americans! And don't think Obama can do that for you.


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