Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quit Booze - End Your Personal Doom

Turn this loud ( I mean really loud) first and tell me what you feel:

I used to drink a lot... but I've never made a fool of myself or my family (well, at least the others say so). Anyway, I could not imagine a single day without alcohol. Booze was my middle name.

Then I came across this song. The feeling was like I've met the immaculate truth... hard to explain. I have discovered supreme power that I could almost touch. The power that loves me much more than I deserve and much more than I loved myself.

I drunk and listened to this song over and over again and cried. I cried a lot. There was something this song touched in me and that was the start of something.
I somehow knew the booze days are soon to be over.

And then I felt I started loving myself. I have looked my son and remembered the most beautiful and innocent part of me - the child in me. The child I have been killing with the tons of booze. But it seems, nothing is able to kill the innocence.

And then, several things happened in short time period:
- my friend Ivan died from booze. Was I guilty for that? No, but I was PART of his tragedy.
- after drinking with me my friend went home. He got so drunk he fell on the street and woke up in ER. Was that my fault? No, but I was PART of it.
- then came this killing thread at GLP. I hope the OP is safe and sound (bless him). Again I was PART of that picture.

The click in my head was immediate: I'll either be pure as the above song is or I'll keep doing impossible - killing the innocence in me.

And then, I simply stop craving alcohol. Now I listen to this song without crying because I am on my way there.

This song IS love. It is impossible not to love yourself if you can perceive it.


  1. Good luck,OP,and God bless you. Merry Christmas!

  2. Something similar happened to me. I was a heavy smoker for 10 years, and I used to drink a lot, too. I started when I was 16. Just a few months ago, a series of events happened in my life that God used to change me, and I decided that I did not want to keep burning my lungs anymore and I wanted to stop drinking, too. I told God I wanted to quit once and for all. I tried before, I just kept going back. This time, though, I asked Him for help. Funny enough, I suddenly developed an allergy to alcohol. And I smoked my last cigarette last May 15. God bless you, brother, as you let His love change you. :) Your testimony is a blessing to me.


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