Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quit Booze - End Your Personal Doom

Turn this loud ( I mean really loud) first and tell me what you feel:

I used to drink a lot... but I've never made a fool of myself or my family (well, at least the others say so). Anyway, I could not imagine a single day without alcohol. Booze was my middle name.

Then I came across this song. The feeling was like I've met the immaculate truth... hard to explain. I have discovered supreme power that I could almost touch. The power that loves me much more than I deserve and much more than I loved myself.

I drunk and listened to this song over and over again and cried. I cried a lot. There was something this song touched in me and that was the start of something.
I somehow knew the booze days are soon to be over.

And then I felt I started loving myself. I have looked my son and remembered the most beautiful and innocent part of me - the child in me. The child I have been killing with the tons of booze. But it seems, nothing is able to kill the innocence.

And then, several things happened in short time period:
- my friend Ivan died from booze. Was I guilty for that? No, but I was PART of his tragedy.
- after drinking with me my friend went home. He got so drunk he fell on the street and woke up in ER. Was that my fault? No, but I was PART of it.
- then came this killing thread at GLP. I hope the OP is safe and sound (bless him). Again I was PART of that picture.

The click in my head was immediate: I'll either be pure as the above song is or I'll keep doing impossible - killing the innocence in me.

And then, I simply stop craving alcohol. Now I listen to this song without crying because I am on my way there.

This song IS love. It is impossible not to love yourself if you can perceive it.

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