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Basic Intelligence Test

Please take time to answer the questions.

Question 1. The world's largest heroin production is located in:

1. Luxembourg
2. Afghanistan
3. Somewhere near Sears towers, Chicago, IL

Question 2. USA armed forces invaded Afghanistan in order to:

1. Steal technology of mary go round
2. Enjoy sightseeing
3. Overtake agricultural potential of opium poppy

Question 3. Military cargo flights from American base of Bagram (Afghanistan) to American base of Bondsteel (Kosovo) are conducted by:

1. Mutant Hero Ninja Turtles
2. US Military
3. Celine Dion

Question 4. The planes from previous question are being used to ship:

1. Fresh copies of Koran as a donation of Afghan people to Albanians
2. Pork tails for Shoe Lacing Institute in Prishtina
3. Afghan's main agricultural product fabricates

Question 5. Europe largest heroine supplies are::

1. Bicyclists during Tour de France
2. Kosovo Albanians
3. Iranian Christians from South Africa