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FEMA Coffins: Government Plans New Disaster

We had two years of speculations what is the Government plan for FEMA coffins - and nothing. But this could be it...
Fact 1) The company of Vantage, who was hired to produce thousands and thousands of famous FEMA coffins is shipping those coffins to Indiana which is on New Madrid fault zone. (BTW, if you want to know more about this company background, please check the post about Illuminati secret symbols hidden in this company logo)
Fact 2) Do you now that FEMA is buying 14 million meals / day for projected 7 million survivors for the region of New Madrid and is currently looking for the company who can provide desired quantities? This is official! (link)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged
commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster
survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of
supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catast…