When will US Attack Iran?

US military intelligence has recently spotted Russian submarine with Iranian flag docked in Beirut (Lebanon). The sub's military personal were wearing gas masks while unloading the cargo. According to the US General Paul E. Vallely who was interviewed on this issue, there is strong possibility Iran is supplying Hezbollah with some sort of chemical weapons. Further on, using Syria as military ally and proxy, Iran supplies Hezbollah with SCUD missiles that could easily reach any part of Israeli territory having maximum range of 450km. This "new situation on chessboard" as General says is being additionally complicated with the existence of secret underground tunnels from Southern Lebanon to Northern Israel. All this requires urgent and strongly determined action from president Obama's administration and one of the possibilities is: US may attack Iran this summer. Please check the interview:

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  1. If everything that the General Vallely says are facts.Does this mean that Iranian government is planing a mass suicide?? Or they do not know that if they start being silly ,Tehran would be erased.
    Or the General Vallely has got his blinkers on??

  2. Anything for a cheap barrel of oil ..
    Removing the Shah was a big mistake for the
    Area, but provided the west with cheap
    Supply of natural resources and lots of
    Arms deal. A real democracy in middle east
    Is against the goal of capitalists who control
    The world


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