Friday, April 13, 2012

You can't time travel to past, sorry

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While the Internet does not seem to have intention to recover from John Titor frenzy that started a decade ago, everyone seems to be forgetting single and simple fact that debunks Titor's time travel to the past or if you will - to our contemporary time. Though it would not be bad idea, you don't need to know rocket science or quantum physic to understand why going to the past is not possible. All you need is simple logic and it's easy as that.
You can go to toilet, you can go to Africa or Venice, you can go to Moon or Jupiter... In other words you can go PLACES. But you can't go to the past because past is NOT a place.
Further on, supposed travel to the past would require some time, right? So, if you hit the time road now this very moment driving in super-speedy time capsule you will reach say 1981 tomorrow, right? Wrong! You will end up in the future (say in 2015), because all you can do is trade your day for couple of years on Earth - and that's possible in case your body can handle speeds near speed of light. But unlike the past, the future is a place and I can prove it to you in case you're patient enough to meet me here on this very page in 2015! BTW, unlike past, this page is a place you can come to.
From Christian perspective, traveling to the past is also not allowed. You have your time at disposal and freedom of choice to do whatever you want to do - even to travel to the future if you have means for that. But you can't make up for your sins simply by going to the past and fixing your past mistakes. Redemption is the only way out.
So Mr. Titor, I am sure you'll be reading this in 2030. I'll be here to approve your comment. But if you think time travel to the past is still possible, please meet me here last Thursday.           


  1. you CAN go to the past. Time is man made. There is no separation between past future and present. It is ALL THERE NOW. Our subconsciousness is all interconnected and has vivid knowledge of Earths PAST events. With our MIND we can travel forward or backward. ...By the way who creates the future ?

    1. The Oligarchs create the future.


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