Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is Indicator of American Doom

You might have noticed that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is being welcomed and encouraged by most of the countries who openly despise American foreign policy. The others that secretly wish the doom of modern American Empire are just pretending to be indifferent and simply pretend to ignore OWS development. What's so dangerous about OWS appearance that's obvious from other corners of the word while at the same time blurred in the eyes of average Americans?
We can start with metaphysical perception of American karma:

"To occupy" is in American blood.
It started with America, it will end with America.
And it will end America.

Though there could be some truth in these words, serious political analysis should avoid supernatural observations and should rather go with real facts.

Let's make social comparison between USA and European countries as both in past two years suffer more or less same consequences of the economy crisis.
Unlike European countries such as Greece, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal and Spain, The United States of America is not established upon single culture, single religion, single tradition, single race, single language or single ethnicity. It doesn't take a scientist to understand that mentioned factors keep economy bleeding European societies together.
But what is keeping USA society together? What is that social super-glue that keeps Catholics, Chinese, Muslims, Republicans, gays, WASPS, Mormons, Colombians, Italians, protestants... all together?

It's legal apparatus of USA backed up by strong economy. It's justice for all. But justice costs a lot's of money. What happens when economy crashes? It's simple: legal apparatus in any country gets corrupted if the state can not afford decent life standard of police, judges and it's military.

Again - a question: what happens now that the American society super-glue is getting weak? The American society is falling apart along the stitches.

So do not blame OWS movement - their potential for changing America into communist society equals to zero. They are only bringers of bad news on how people live next block from you, they are only the first messengers that American middle class is about to vanish.

They just want to let you know that American society is breaking along the stitches.


  1. this is some of the worst, most incoherent shit I've read in a long time. I can only imagine you're not a native English speaker.

  2. This is stupid. America isn't founded on a people, but an idea. People that occupy America become Americans, and share their social values. No one would come to America unless they believed that it would benefit them and provide them hope for a better life. It's this shared idealism that will allow us to persevere, long after the age of consumer credit and adjustable rate mortgages.

  3. This whole thing is crazy because the "economy" can't work. The thing can't just keep growing and growing. We only have so many resources. We'll run out of oil and then most of us will just die. of course there is the tribulation which will have to happen before then. But the economy is a crazy myth. there is no way to keep creating, continue to pay the worker less money and sell the product at a profit. the only way it works is if "IF" the person making the product is kept poor. otherwise there is no profit. This is a hard concept to explain so lets say there are 2 companies in the world. company A makes Pizzas and company B makes Toilet Paper. If everyone all together working at company A makes 10,000 pizzas a week and everyone all together working at company B makes 10,000 rolls of toilet paper per week and company A charges $5 a pizza and Company B charges $5 a roll of toilet paper and 100 people work at each company and each person earns $200 per week that's $40,000 (company A's 100 people x $200 each=$20,000 plus company b's 100 people x$200 each =$20,000) But each company has $50,000 in product to sell every week. This model is over simplified but it makes little sense for the masses who make products not even being able to afford them. There's so many signs of biblical end times and I only wish I could be right with Jesus and understand what he wants me to know. Please pray for my ignorance to go away. In the name of Jesus.


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