Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hitler gone bananas: Gaddafi is not dead!

And you know what? I think Hillary will go bananas too once she realize we're not sheeple anymore! Most of the people I meet online think the official story on Gaddafi sucks.
Look at this video Hillary. Isn't it Hillarious?

The world is not drinking official Kool-Aid any more. Or I hang around with right people?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sgt. Shamar Thomas is no fake marine - Interview

You do remember OWS hero Sgt. Shamar Thomas, right? The anti OWSers are just too eager to find the proof he's fake marine, but in vain. The guy is so popular these days and made it to Countdown TV interview with Keith Olbermann. Check the interview with celeb sarg:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Disturbing: Second Amendment VOID - Home Invasion VIDEO

The end of America is nigh
And it makes me cry
Seriously folks - WTF???

No this is not some haiku poetry shit... This is the doom of United States and the end of America as we know it.  

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Doom: Israel gets green light to attack Iran!

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is watching for the possibility that Israel could use the occasion of an alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States as a pretext for launching a long-anticipated attack on Iran's nuclear sites, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.
The source, who is in a position to monitor Israeli defense activities, said the U.S. is watching "an indicator and warning matrix" in which the U.S. can "go so far as to plot the illumination tables to pick out what nights would be best" for such an attack.
The intelligence source said that there is "a green light" for the Israelis "to do a strike."
The source said that the concern among some U.S. analysts is that an attack could be "imminent."

Read more: U.S. intelligence on alert for Israeli strike on Iran

Ladies and gentlemen, this is official beginning of WW3. Good luck. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

US Marine vs. NYPD Cops (OWS) - the root of American doom

What do you think if this "opinion exchange" gets larger proportions? Would it mean apocalyptic doom of American society and the end of America as we know it?

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the OWS movement.

Thomas is a 24-year-old Marine Veteran (2 tours in Iraq), he currently plays amateur football and is in college.

Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is Indicator of American Doom

You might have noticed that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is being welcomed and encouraged by most of the countries who openly despise American foreign policy. The others that secretly wish the doom of modern American Empire are just pretending to be indifferent and simply pretend to ignore OWS development. What's so dangerous about OWS appearance that's obvious from other corners of the word while at the same time blurred in the eyes of average Americans?
We can start with metaphysical perception of American karma:

"To occupy" is in American blood.
It started with America, it will end with America.
And it will end America.

Though there could be some truth in these words, serious political analysis should avoid supernatural observations and should rather go with real facts.

Let's make social comparison between USA and European countries as both in past two years suffer more or less same consequences of the economy crisis.
Unlike European countries such as Greece, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal and Spain, The United States of America is not established upon single culture, single religion, single tradition, single race, single language or single ethnicity. It doesn't take a scientist to understand that mentioned factors keep economy bleeding European societies together.
But what is keeping USA society together? What is that social super-glue that keeps Catholics, Chinese, Muslims, Republicans, gays, WASPS, Mormons, Colombians, Italians, protestants... all together?

It's legal apparatus of USA backed up by strong economy. It's justice for all. But justice costs a lot's of money. What happens when economy crashes? It's simple: legal apparatus in any country gets corrupted if the state can not afford decent life standard of police, judges and it's military.

Again - a question: what happens now that the American society super-glue is getting weak? The American society is falling apart along the stitches.

So do not blame OWS movement - their potential for changing America into communist society equals to zero. They are only bringers of bad news on how people live next block from you, they are only the first messengers that American middle class is about to vanish.

They just want to let you know that American society is breaking along the stitches.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


The only true GLPer is an ex GLPer.

Dear GLPers,
I hope this post is going to be my first and last criticism of once beloved website GodlikeProductions.Com. Once beloved indeed, because GLP back then was true oasis of naked truth, the last stronghold of free speech on the Internet. But everything just changed for worse and if you are true GLPer I am sure you already know this. And I am sure you could be banned already while reading this. I am too, but let's not worry - getting banned from GLP these days is like having TruthTard certificate. (GLP members know what truth-tard means)
The doom of GLP forum escalated with Occupy Wall Street (OWS) uprising couple of days ago. GLP administrator (known as Trinity) started banning every single forum member who tried to express unbiased opinion on OWS background, OWS demands or tried to speculate on OWS ideology other than Trinity did. Such unbiased opinions in form of posts were being immediately deleted and their posters were banned without any explanations. Many of senior GLP members are now banned and perma-dumped from forum even after thousands of posts they made and years spent on forum.
It doesn't matter if you think OWS are communists or not. That's the subject you may want to discuss about. But there is no doubt that Trinity acts like fascist and there is no discussion about that. Getting banned for thinking out loud after years of posting at GLP makes you feel both used and betrayed.

As a matter of fact by this act YOU ARE BEING USED by TRINITY and GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS in most fascist way... and here is how:      

Did you ever think how come Trinity is LOADED with money while sitting at his home and chatting about the news YOU are bringing to his knees? With every word YOU post at GLP, it is YOU who create his website, make it grow and make it appear in Google search results. So, new people who do the Google search find YOUR words within search results and get addicted to GLP. Then those people become paid subscribers or simply click on GLP ads which of course, makes a tons of money for Trinity. In other words, YOUR work makes money for Trinity.

And then Trinity bans you for having different opinion but your words stay there for years to come in order to make him even more money.

I do not know how you call it, but it all reminds me on fascist exploitation of human work.

I am sure no evil person. But if Trinity keeps on this way, he'll find himself alone with Phenn and TXGal one day at GLP. They'll be exchanging pics from their cats together.

Good Night GLP - Good Morning Fascism

'Occupy Wall Street' NYPD runs over a protester with motorcycle 14/10/2011


The Scooter policeman stops when he hooks his victim's foot , then continues to apparently drive over it or around it and finish off the job with the back wheel.

You can clearly see the officer's conscious will to acknowledge his trapped victim and getting off to fend off the rest who may try to help him. Notice these steel engines' mass is extremely heavy for a middle aged man's ankle's bones. then another officer notices the scooter and pushes it down (thankfully), yet another manages to instead of help the suffering him, finish him off by beating him with a club. Another comes in and tackle-pressed him down on the ground on his chest finishing the arresting process.

Note he is NOT a protester -- he is carrying the National Lawyer's Guild green hat -- he is a LEGAL OBSERVER

Please comment and share.


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