Thursday, August 19, 2010

USA Doom Prediction

I've been reading news the other day and found this interesting article:

Los Angeles, Alta California - August 17, 2010 - (ACN) Dr. Rodolfo F. Acuña, author of the seminal Chicano Studies textbook, Occupied America: A History of Chicanos, stated that Arizona is headed towards a violent race war! Professor Acuña made the prediction in a recent video taped interview by Gabriel Buelna of The Non Profit Network.

At 2.30 minutes into Part 2 of the below taped interview, Gabriel Buelna asks Professor Acuña, "Where do you think this is ultimately headed?" Dr. Rodolfo Acuña without hesitation answers, "I think there is going to be violence!"

Here's how I see it:

Not only Arizona is destined for demise. It is the whole USA that will fall apart. Here is the reason: there is only one cohesive factor that keeps USA together.

How come?

Well, USA DOES NOT have:

1. Single race - if you are American you are either white, black, yellow or red or possible mixture of races. No other races sympathize you exactly at 100% for being what you are. And other races are your neighbors.
2. Single origin of people - Your ancestors came to USA from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America... not to mention the states they came from. If the world could unite and act as one, so could USofA.
3. Single nation - you are for example half Irish, half Italian, half Swedish, half Cherokee... Wherever the ethnic wars were raging, it turned out to be very dangerous to have too many halves. You don't belong to neither side.
4. Single language - are you sure you understand just everyone around? Misunderstandings are the roots of every evil.
5. Single culture - this is conservative vs. modern. Try to be gay in Texas or be gentleman in ghetto. I dare you!
6. Single religion - Christians are supposed to be majority in the States. How come they don't have a single Church? I bet American Christian factions have less in common than Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq.   
7. Single law - I bet Texan can't tell policeman from postman when in DC. Stuff allowed in California could earn you jail in Montana.

The only cohesive of American society is DOLLAR. With demise of dollar, USA will fall apart in far worst scenario than Bosnia. The only question is when this happens.

Take my words and put it to the bank. OK, maybe the bank is not good idea.


  1. america has gotten away from god and because of this and the the immorality that goes on.GOD is bringing judgment down on america.If america keeps on spending money they dont have the dollar will cease to exist.When this happens the NEW WORLD ORDER WONT BE FAR AWAY.AMERICA BETTER GET THERE HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS AND RETURN TO THE ONE TRUE GOD.

  2. We have lost our way. When you could be sued for saying what's on your mind because it hurt someones feelings, you have apparently broken their civil rights, it proves that the dollar is the God of America now.


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