Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arctic Oil Reserves - Devilish Equilibrium

First and foremost - this is not some ecotard anti global warming thread. These are CONSPIRACY facts about subtle connection between catastrophes we are witnessing this year.

I'll try to put this as simple as possible. I promise.

Read on:

1. This year will for sure be famous for the amount of green house gases that are been released into atmosphere. Highlights are:

- Eyjafjallajökull volcano (Iceland)
- Gulf oil spill with methane and CO2 from burning oil
- Enormous quantities of CO2 released in Russian, African, Finnish and other fires worldwide

Please note that all or most of these events are going on on the Northern hemisphere.

2. These unexpected quantities of gas so far are triggering the rise of global temperature which then causes:

- more water to vaporize than usual. This means persistent rains and consequential floods worldwide (Europe, China, Pakistan, Canada...), but more importantly:

- Melting of the Arctic polar cap (latest chunk was 4 times larger than Manhattan) - remember this, it's very important for conclusion!!!

It seems that every single event, man-made or not, strives to rise the temperature of Northern hemisphere, doesn't it?
But the problem is that all of these events are too well synchronized and packed together that the pure coincidence sounds like crappy Sci-Fi novel. Don't tell me they needed months and months to weld on that steel piece of shit on the pipe in Gulf, don't tell me fires are popping up here and here and there in Russia just because of 35+ degrees?

Thirty-schmirty man! 

So, there must be master mind in it, but who would want all that shit?

Or in other words, who said "Let it burn!"???

Let's see what is the ultimate effect of this microwave oven we're in...

Aha, Arctic meltdown, remember?!

OK, if you need to melt down the ice, you are doing it because something is under the ice.

Can you guess what is it and who wants it?

It's the oil industry. It's because the Arctic oil reserves are enormous and still untouched.

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