Saturday, May 29, 2010

Next Volcano Eruption: Hawaii

Recent increase is volcanic activity worldwide starting with Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull and volcanoes in Guatemala and Ecuador, made doom seekers think "what is the next volcano eruption"? Many people think Icelandic Katla is going to blow next with the power of three times stronger than Eyja. This certainly stands on solid basis because the history records show that Katla eruptions somehow follow its neighbor - Eyjafjallajökull.
But what is going on at Hawaii right now does not smell good - it smells like sulfur to most of the people I spoke with. To the point - small quakes are happening around Mauna Loa volcano on daily basis and the epicenters of the quakes are progressively climbing towards Earth's crust!

Just look at the depth of Hawaiian earthquakes during last couple of days - here is chronology of the quakes from May 26 to today:

EQ: 2.2
Date: 2010/05/26
Depth: 38.0 km
Location: 12 km ( 7 mi) ESE of Pahala, HI

EQ: 2.2
Date: 2010/05/26
Time: 13:50:40
Depth: 35.7 km
Location: 7 km ( 4 mi) ENE of Pahala, HI

EQ: 2.4
Date: 2010/05/26
Time: 22:44:39
Depth: 33.4 km
Location: 15 km ( 10 mi) SSW of Honokaa, HI

EQ: 2.1
Date: 2010/05/27
Time: 03:06:55
Depth: 11.6 km
Location: 10 km ( 6 mi) SSE of Paauilo, HI

EQ: 2.8
Date: 2010/05/27
Time: 15:46:18
Depth: 5.4 km
Location: 18 km ( 11 mi) NE of Pahala, HI

EQ: 3.1
Date: 2010/05/28
Time: 23:24:59
Depth: 10.2 km
Location: 18 km ( 11 mi) N of Pahala, HI

EQ: 2.8
Date: 2010/05/28
Time: 04:54:47 UTC
Depth: 5.00 km (3.11 miles)
Location: S of Hawaiian Ocean View, 15 miles W of Pahala, HI

Mauna Loa last erupted in 1984.

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