Saturday, May 29, 2010

NATO and Obama vs Israel?

It is hard to pretend and not to notice recent disputes between USA president Obama and Israel. It seems USA in not ready to give unreserved support and understanding of Israeli policy in region any more. Turkey (NATO member) also exchanged tough words with Israel today as it tries to help Fleet of Freedom aid ships to reach Palestinian people in Gaza. And the latest info is:

Turkish military aircraft fleet will protect the Free Gaza flotilla!

WASHINGTON: media sources said on Wednesday, said that Turkey warned "Israel" from exposure to the "fleet of freedom," bound to the besieged Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian aid, pointing out that the Turkish army will protect the aircraft fleet if encountered troops, "Israel."
And move the location of "the right of the Sioux," the Turkish site, "DEBKAfile," close to the intelligence community, "Israel" that Ankara called "Tel Aviv" through a secret message to avoid interference in the ships destined for the Gaza Strip and warned that if Turkey is refusing to be treated similarly.
"The DEBKAfile that" Turkey's position and directing its message to the "Israel" is a warning for "Israel," explaining that, in this cautionary "if it intervenes," Israel "and prevented ships from entering Gaza, the Turkish Government supports those ships and will be helicopters a Turkish army patrol over the ships to prevent interference "Israel" on it. "
Invite Turkey to lift the siege:
In the meantime, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu "Israel" to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip and to allow for "fleet of freedom" to enter the sector.
Ahmed Davutoglu Government in touch with "Israel" on the aid convoy, adding that Turkey hopes "no tension, and to act" Israel "and civic organizations with wisdom and logic."
He also said "What matters is the arrival of aid intended for Gaza residents to the sector .. we must find an appropriate way to achieve this ... We must be wise and not to increase the already high tensions in the region."

To prevent the convoy by force...

Earlier, official sources said the "Israeli" that Ehud Barak, Minister of War, "Israel", has instructed the Navy to prevent the convoy of ships that you intend to break the international blockade of Gaza have access to the sector, "even if by force."
The sources said that the convoy would reach the coast of Gaza, even if the Navy was forced to use force to prevent ships from reaching territorial waters.
This carries the fleet expected to arrive in Gaza on Saturday carrying 750 participants from more than 60 countries, including 44 government officials, parliamentary and European political and Arab countries.
He also holds more than 10 thousand tons of medical supplies, construction materials, wood and 100 houses are ready to help thousands of people who lost their homes during the war, "Israel" on Gaza in early 2009 also holds a 500 electric vehicles for the physically disabled.

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