Sunday, March 1, 2009

Idea: Let's Destroy The World... Subconsciously

Go ahead, knock yourself out

I went to see my friend today. His right elbow was swelling with pain.
- What did you do? - I asked.
- Actually nothing, but when I sit by the table I always keep my elbow on it and hold my face in my hand.
- Sheesh, that looks awful... You must stop sitting like that.
- I can't help it. I do it subconsciously.

And what if we all sit like that?

I did a lot of talking here about "Web Bots Project" and "Time Monks" together with their predictive linguistics method which is quite new, alternative but not really occult concept of predicting the future. Now, you don't have to be expert like Time Monks or use any "future prediction software" to get a real grasp of what is going on all over the Internet these days. If you surf the Internet galaxy you'll find it easy to understand there's huge buzz around there about doomsday 2012, the end day prophecies, the Book of Revelation, upcoming Apocalypse, World War III, The Antichrist, The Second Coming of Christ, Mayan Calendar, Nibiru and Planet X.
It is sad to notice all of these terms are very trendy and if it's to believe to Web Bots one can notice something is definitely fishy about our collective subconsciousness.

The power of subconsciousness is undisputed. Don't believe that?

OK, how many times have you heard yourself saying: "Wasn't my intention. I did it subconsciously..." But you DID IT!

What I'd love to do with this post is to open discussion: Are we leading this world to The End (subconsciously)?

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