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Antichrist Potential of Wikileaks Founder

The only question is: how far is he ready to go?
While main stream media provides detailed coverage of the actual cable leaks at, the publicity of  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is becoming enormous. Arguing whether he's doing right thing or not, most people are forgetting about the power of controversial and encrypted "Insurance" file Wikileaks team will unlock in case of Julian's "unexplained" death or in several others secretly specified circumstances. The content of the Insurance file is unknown, but it is said it contains best kept secret of US Government - secret that's powerful enough to sign out Assanage from the list of regular mortals and put him above the law. At the same time, this secret provides Assange with capability to blackmail world's superpower. The encrypted version of "Insurance" file (1.44 GB) is now being distributied over he Internet in form of torrent file and its spreading can not be controlled by…