Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Occupy Wall Street' NYPD runs over a protester with motorcycle 14/10/2011


The Scooter policeman stops when he hooks his victim's foot , then continues to apparently drive over it or around it and finish off the job with the back wheel.

You can clearly see the officer's conscious will to acknowledge his trapped victim and getting off to fend off the rest who may try to help him. Notice these steel engines' mass is extremely heavy for a middle aged man's ankle's bones. then another officer notices the scooter and pushes it down (thankfully), yet another manages to instead of help the suffering him, finish him off by beating him with a club. Another comes in and tackle-pressed him down on the ground on his chest finishing the arresting process.

Note he is NOT a protester -- he is carrying the National Lawyer's Guild green hat -- he is a LEGAL OBSERVER

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  1. I saw another video, and no police officer helped him. The guy pushed the scooter over himself with his other leg.


    Here's another angle. To me, it looks pretty clear that he puts his foot under the motorcycle. (10-13 seconds in)

    Crap like this is why I chose not to become a cop. Because certain people are actively trying to demonize them.


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