Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Antichrist Potential of Wikileaks Founder

Stronger than USA - Julian Assange
The only question is: how far is he ready to go?

While main stream media provides detailed coverage of the actual cable leaks at Wikileaks.com, the publicity of  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is becoming enormous. Arguing whether he's doing right thing or not, most people are forgetting about the power of controversial and encrypted "Insurance" file Wikileaks team will unlock in case of Julian's "unexplained" death or in several others secretly specified circumstances. The content of the Insurance file is unknown, but it is said it contains best kept secret of US Government - secret that's powerful enough to sign out Assanage from the list of regular mortals and put him above the law. At the same time, this secret provides Assange with capability to blackmail world's superpower.
The encrypted version of "Insurance" file (1.44 GB) is now being distributied over he Internet in form of torrent file and its spreading can not be controlled by any technology known to man. Craving file's content or its unlocking code is now subject to numerous conspiracy theory circles and probably secret services worldwide. Neglecting the secret it contains, one can conclude that the Insurance file is Assange's ultimate weapon making him capable of following: 
Earn celeb status and fortune publishing illegally acquired confidential information 
Assange is already doing this. The lack of legal response equals to unprecedented scandal, but it also inspires some conspiracy theorists circles to bring conclusion that Assange is doing everything with approval of CIA and Mossad. However, the leaks published so far are actually not affirmative for USA or Israel. Whatsoever, they tend to be embarrassing for almost any government worldwide, but that is affordable price that needs to be paid to keep the "Insurance" file secret.     
Discredit almost any important figure in high politics worldwide
Assange is doing this as well. Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Berlusconi, Putin... Just name it. Truth is: it's all in the vein of yellow press articles, but very significant in terms of demonstration of power of the access to the information. Besides, who can tell what kind of additional information Assange keeps on the shelf? You can't just interrogate him or press him to talk because he's already above the law thanks to the "Insurance" file.   
Uncover and spoil any secret political and/or military plan or strategy and influence global politics
Assange for example provides evidences that Mid East petrol countries are pressing USA on military action against Iran.Most of us knew that already, but having it spoken out from the mouth of US ambassadors is a bit different - I hope you'll agree on this one. What do you think we'll hear from the mouth of US ambassador in Israel for example? Do you have any idea how sensitive that information may be? Presented in wrong way by famous and globally trusted Assange, that kind of information will be able to result with disputes and consequential conflicts on global scale.    
But all of the above mentioned is not even half terrifying comparing to the true Antichrist potential Julian Assang has. Measuring the weight of the content of "Insurance" file is measuring the power of Assange. At this moment he is powerful enough not to be in jail together with the people who leaked classified information to him. Instead, he's top news in media getting richer and richer. Instead of being extradited to US, Assange is holding world superpower in his hand choosing how hard he'll squeeze. 
Being already rich and above the law, Assange's next aspiration can be found on his website. He wants to "rewrite the world history" (his own words). Last time a single person wanted to rewrite the history of the world we had WW2. 
Rewriting history means the appetite for power and there lies the true Antichrist potential of Assange. Continuing blackmail he's already into, Assange could easily request OBEDIENCE from random world governments.
And what you get is false king of the kings and false ruler of the world.      


  1. bullshit.

    he does not want to rewrite history to his own liking, he wants history rewritten to finally reflect the *truth*. This is a big difference.

  2. @ Anonymous - The Bible predicts The Antichrist will appear as truth fighter and peacemaker in order to gain many sympathies worldwide. Your comment indicates he's doing good job.
    Don't worry, too few are meant to recognize his role. I am still not sure what he's up to, therefore the title is "Antichrist Potential of Wikileaks Founder " and not "Julian Assange is Antichrist".
    And question for you - could publishing peaces of the truth and filtering what part of mosaic to publish have the same effect as intentional twisting of facts? IMHO - yes.
    The truth out of the context used with evil intentions more dangerous than lie itself.

    Don't forget this - the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  3. @Experte And the deepest pits of hell are reserved for fence sitters.

  4. Everyone should be careful on 12-24-2010. Stay home!

  5. @ Anonimous - regarding 12-24-2010 - please tell us more...

  6. we will undoubtedly continue to move to this self fulfilling prophecy. Don't understand it all clearly but my intuition tells me that we are very close. I think it is measured in a few years. Look all around the world and at the expediancy that continues the downward spiral each and every day, barring no country or culture. For those without solid belief in the Lord, i'd say you'd better prepare.

  7. somebitch is got shit on us democrats....damn it

  8. QUOTE This whole story will be old news or completely forgotten within 90 days anyone wishing to wager let it be known.

  9. I agree with anonymous,I believe the truth should always be the writer of history.

  10. Interesting..there was a book written almost a century ago by Hugh Benson called "Lord of the world" in which he predicted the Antichrists name would be "Julian" and his hair would be white...

  11. It's amazing what you can predict with the rigt formula http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tXK5atEuTA

  12. LOL You deluded christians always make me laugh lol. You and your "Antichrist" lol. Let's see...first it was Hitler, then it was Mussolini, then Mao, then Madonna (really? lol), Obama, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and the list goes on and on. Now it's this Julian person. Funny how the "word of God" changes from year to year and celebrity to celebrity lol. Grow up and stop believing in fairy tales you pathetic sheep lol

  13. LMAO !!!! Oh...you talk about the "Truth" and how it needs to be said. Yet all comments must be "Approved" before they are posted! LOL hypocrite! hypocrite!!! LOL You must be a christian lol

  14. Anonymous; You have to consider that there are many "antichrists". I totally agree that we christians got to have an open mind, and see with fresh eyes. The belief that a Antichrist is coming is not new stuff really, but in times we´re living in you can see that there have been many antichrists. The word only means "instead of christ" and that is; Look at this leader; he wants to be a savior to the world with his views on how to be a leader with religoius and/or political power. God does not change ever and everything He says is gonna happen - but to believe it you have to know Him - it´s not enough to just read the Bible, you gotta have a realtionship with Jesus and TEST everything in the light of His word. So, I totally understand why you mock this...


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