Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iranian Oil Incident - Three dead persons

I don't think this news would be of interest, but in context of global oil accidents, alerts and spills - don't you think that oil is hitting back on us?

Blast in oil well in Iran: three dead, ten injured
29.05.2010 12:39

Explosion took place today at about 6:30 in the borehole "Neft Shehr" near Qasr-e Shirin city in the Kirmanshah province. As a result of the accident, three people died and ten injured, ILNA News Agency reported.

Condition of four affected people is serious, the rest - satisfactory.

The explosion at the well has provoked a strong fire, extinguishing of which was difficult.

There are no threats of flame spread to other wells because of their remoteness from the scene, Executive Power head of the city Qasr-e Shirin city Bahram Teymuri said.

Causes of accidents are specified, but according to some experts, the explosion occurred due to leakage of oil.

Update May 30.2010.

Large explosions and fire have completely destroyed Iranian oil rig No. 118 in Naftshahr (Western Iran) and caused 15 casualties. The 250-ft wide fire is widespread and not controlled yet. The oil field is said to have 692 million barrels in reserve. The cost of the destroyed rig is estimated at $15 Million and the lost revenue is estimated at $14.5 Million per year. Iranian experts believe extinguishing the fire and plugging the leak will take at least 30 days.

Observers note that the unprecedented explosion and fire at an Iranian oil rig comes only 40 days after the unprecedented explosion and fire at the deep water Horizon oil well in the United States, and amidst ever-increasing political and military tensions between the two countries.

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