Sunday, March 21, 2010

Could health care bill lead to civil war in USA?

The fact is: 70% of Americans rejects ObamaCare plan as the polls show. Enforcing the law nobody wants could lead to major revolt of American people and even civil war is an option as some protesters say. It is obvious that Washington DC is becoming the place of gathering of revolted citizens: the protests against war in Iraq, immigrants deporting, Second Amendment and now protests against Health Care bill. See it for yourself:

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  1. very soon all these insurance companies-in the USA will be gone-because of natural catastrophes, they are pure evil and Hell awaits those who make themselves rich being elite criminals-almost every politician eventually leaves politics and joins the insurance industry-a corrupt system dedicated to fleecing everyone-they are thieves nothing more-the Gov wants the power to chip everyone-and to destroy Christianity once and for all- those who refuse the mark of the beast are going to the death camps-built for this purpose. The Insurance industry-medical industry and the church itself has been taken over by Satanists-who will destroy them-and all of you.


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