Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doomsday Prophecies Radio

Doomsday Prophecies Radio is my attempt to gather as many prophecy interviews as possible in one place. This should be growing collection of interviews with the people who can predict the future and if you want to contribute please suggest the online sources I could include in this player. Sit back and enjoy...

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Prophecy Interviews updates:

  • Track 1: interview with Cliff High (The Time Monk from Web Bots Project) by Rebecca Jernigan from
  • They discuss grim expectations for 2009 when it comes to US economy and global climate.
  • Track 2: Cliff High and Rebecca Jernigan talk about "alien wars" and the social revolution as a result of appereance of two major alien truth whistleblowers who will step up with the UFO truth to the public. Cliff also mentions the secret document from Government that exposes the truth of upcoming polar shift.
  • Tracks 3, 4 & 5: An interview with the possibly most disputed contemporary prophet Bill Deagle by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. They discuss possible false flag attacks on USA, reptilians and tall grays, life after death expiriences, US colonies on Mars, war on Iran, avian flu pandemic, Earth polar shift in 2012... Plenty of interesting stuff in here!
  • Track 6: Bill Deagle on Jeff Rense show talking about recent epidemic of Swine flu in Mexico which is deadly combination of swine flu, bird flu and 1918. human Spanish flu. Listen to find out if this is the start of propheted pandemic!


  1. The saying " 2012 " scares pretty much everybody because of " Doomsday " . The theory of Doomsday comes from an ancient mexican calender , which is fiction . Think of the ancient greek Gods they are fiction because there is no physical proof that they are real , and same goes for God , there is no proof that he is real , but you may belive in him . So even though you may belive in something doesent mean it is real , it means , it is usually from stories that where told in the past . So over all what I am saying is that " Doomsday 2012 " is NOT going to happen it is just from stories told in the past that have no physical proof !

  2. Absolutely not. Prophecy is just a possibility that might occur in the future. It is one possible future. All of mankind is more experienced now and more intelligent not in FEAR mode or respecting a vision of an old Monk. The 21st century will be the AGE of man's greatest achievement period. In the past the masculine mind ruled in our nearest future the feminine mind will compassion love, caring, reconciliation and peace. In fact it is the return of the CHRIST consciousness what the Greeks call hrisi ynossi.


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