Thursday, February 12, 2009

Was There Holocaust in Auschwitz?

Translated from German (Nazi propaganda poster):

"60,000 RM is what this person with genetic defects costs the community during his lifetime. Fellow German,that's your money too …"

I simply could not resist the inner urge to blog at least a couple of lines about this great guy and his work. He's young Jewish researcher named David Cole who went to visit Auschwitz in order to re-research holocaust that happened in gas chambers of this notorious WWII Nazi death-mine. What he (thinks) he found there might be shocking to even mention, but I believe it's the best way if I just quote his opening words to this movie: "... Still, the Holocaust is an event that has seemingly grown in importance since the end of the war, taught as fact...usually accepted without question. But how do we know it really happened? What "proofs" are offered for those not willing to take history on faith alone? This video deals with, among other things, one of those proofs, one piece in a very large puzzle: the supposed gas chamber at the Auschwitz Main Camp."

Part 1

Part 2

My question is: do we judge things through somewhat twisted prism of history? Is it really possible that everything we have ever learned have glitches we inherited? What if that glitches affect and interfere with our logic, out decision making processes and the course the whole humanity is taking?

If so, for how long can we travel the wrong course and where will we get to before we become aware of the broken compass we used to trust endlessly?

P.S: I admire your bravery Dave.

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